The Sunshine Coast

Our long weekend at the Sunshine coast felt like a dream…in more ways than one! The days were long and drawn out, everything seemed a bit blurry and it was as if time was standing still. I was just taking in everything my senses would allow. For once, my camera had taken a back seat and we were truly just living in the moment. Collin had pretty much gotten adjusted to the time change and the ‘ole ‘early to bed, early to rise’ routine. But I was getting my days, nights, direction and basically my whole existence confused (which I am just now getting used to). Beck on the other hand adjusted so much faster than we had expected. This boy was doing great!! Little man had a few early morning starts but it all worked out ok. He was just so happy to be back with his ‘da-deeeee’, and it truly showed! He was glued to Collin for the first few days, which, shoot, I was totally fine with! Hey, I did the 16-hour flight with him so it was daddy’s turn! Ha-Ha!

O.k. o.k. you didn’t really think I wasn’t taking pictures did you??!!! IMG_5621 IMG_5614                  Beck laying on “Big Al’ and snuggling with his dad. A rare occasion for this kid. This was one of his 4:30am wake up calls, and yes the sun was that bright at 4:30 in the morning! 

Our long weekend at the coast felt like a week’s time with everything we managed to fit in. We didn’t let the jet-lag get us down! How could we?? We were in heaven!! We seriously got more done in a couple days time than we would have in a few weeks back home and we were loving every minute! From what I remember, our first day was soooo relaxing. We immediately got to our hotel, changed clothes and went for a nice, long stroll along the coast. Although the scenery was breathtaking, my mind was having a hard time figuring out this ‘new land’, as the people looked similar to us, the language was just about the same, the scenery was fairly alike in certain parts, but yet, it was all SO VERY 2 photo 1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                             Just a few pics from our first stroll along the ‘Sunny Coast’. 

After our first day of taking it all in, trying to get adjusted and doing some serious relaxing, we caught a major case of the adventure bug!! We visited a few ocean-view cafes and enjoyed some variations of fish & chips, sandwiches, sushi and of course, if you know us at all, a bit of Aussie beer and wine! Again, everything seemed familiar to what we have at home, but at the same time it was all so different. We have even developed a running joke, that at times we feel like we are living in a Dr. Suess book, with all of the strange-looking plants, trees, animals and buildings. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish…Wallaby??  “Oh The Places You’ll Go” is right! And off we did! We went all over the place, and every new outing was truly an adventure! Even going to the market was (and still is) fun, new and exciting!
We also took many long walks around town and along the beautifully, ‘different’ coastline. Not only did we see the usual tropical flora of palm trees and lovely bright-colored flowers, but also there stood these massive pine trees! It was breathtaking! And the beach itself, lets not forget the beach!!! It was amazing!!! The sand, water, waves and ocean breeze were all indescribable. Beck was a little unsure at first, as he had only been the beach one other time back in October to meet my mom’s family in person. We had a blast then, so we didn’t think anything of it heading to the beach in Aus. But once he remembered how the sand felt on his tiny little toes, and how the waves felt when he would run into them, it was like riding a bike, a very salty- tasting bike! He was LOVING it! He would get going so fast across the sand trying to get to the water, that he would fall face first and then pop right up with a PRECIOUS “S#&% eating grin” or in this case, sand eating grin, and want to do it all over again. Collin and I really enjoyed those moments together, as we had never been on a vacation with Beck just the three of us, so we thought it was pretty special.
At this cafe’ we had sandwiches, ‘chips’ (french fries) and some cold beers. Beck LOVED the fresh avocado and chips! 
Sushi Rest.IMG_0130
Doing a little playing while we waited for our table at the sushi restaurant in the marina. There were kiddos everywhere at this awesome playground. It was in the center of a bunch of al fresco dining. GENIUS IDEA!! Best edamame ever! And Beck’s new fav. thing to do is SLIDE!!! 

2photo 2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Pine trees at the beach!! 

Beach-1                                                              Our first trip to the beach, Beck had forgotten what the sand felt like and was checking out his toes 🙂


We also got to have some fun at ‘Under Water World’, which was attached to the marina in town. Back home we had been to the Fort Worth Zoo and Dallas Aquarium about a million times with Chaya which has always been a lot of fun, and are some of her favorite places to go, but once you’ve seen it all, you’ve seen it all, right?? …WRONGO!!                               I wasn’t expecting to see so many new, amazing, little creatures! It was fun watching Beck check out all of the sea life, but let’s get real, Collin and I were having a great time exploring too! 2                                                                               Beck was checking out the seals. He loved them!

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAaqm 2photo 3WWWEEEEIIIIRRRRDDDD little dude!!!! (on the right, not on the left of course!) 

After we toured the park, we strolled around the marina to check out the shops and scenery, and once again just take it all in. We came upon a cool little shop, which had tons of vintage American “lollies”, which is what the Aussie’s call candy. We saw candy there that we hadn’t seen in the States in ages! And guess what else we saw?? STUBB’S BBQ SAUCE!!!! We couldn’t believe our eyes! Did we buy it you ask?? Hell yeah we did!! We also noticed a “bottle shop” (liquor store) on the way out of the marina, so Collin stopped in to grab a few beers and a bottle of Chard for yours truly, while Beck and I waited out on the sidewalk. I happened to glance over at an advertisement on the side of the store building that read “HUGE SALE! TWO CASES OF CORONA for……..$90”                     Um….What the what???? I had to do a double take on that one. I seriously just about passed out!!! Guess we’ll have to start brewing and bottling at home if that’s what they consider a ‘huge sale’! Ha! Just another thing that we’ll have to adjust to here in beautiful Australia!

stubs_photo 5                                                                                 WE HEART STUBB’S!!!

 photo-7                                                                    WHAT!!!?? For those of you at home who may not know the price of a case of Corona,    we could get one case for about $30.00 at our Tom Thumb in Grapevine, TX.                 You do the math! 

After all of the fun exploring, I couldn’t help but think a little deeper about what exactly we were doing here. I had come to the decision that I didn’t believe I’d ever felt like an outsider my entire life, but something was definitely different here. We weren’t just on vacation this was our new home, these people were now amongst our new community, but WE were the different ones who looked slightly unusual, had funny accents, and were not holding both our fork and knife in each hand during our meals (more on that later).  It was truly a mind-boggling, feeling. But with every new step, we just kept telling ourselves ‘what a blessing this is!’. ‘What an amazing opportunity God has given us’!  We are here!         We made it! We ARE doing this!!

1photo 1
Obviously our quest to get you all updated to the present time still continues. Stay tuned….. 

One thought on “The Sunshine Coast

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog posts….You both are making it feel like we are right there with you! Man, I am simultaneously thrilled that y’all are getting to do this, and excited about coming over there and experiencing some of the awesome adventures you’re having myself!! Keep ’em coming!

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