The Adventure Begins!



Well, I guess it’s time to make it official and share some big news!! I attended a security industry trade show in Las Vegas back in April and Brittany joined me for the weekend after the show. We had a fun Saturday night and ended up back at our hotel playing some blackjack when a friendly bloke from Australia sits down next to Brit and starts playing at our table.

The drinks were flowing and so was the conversation which ultimately led to us finding out that he owns and operates a security integration business in Queensland Australia that is much like the company I work for here in Dallas. As we were parting ways at the end of the night he tells me that he would be keenly interested in offering me a position if we were up for it…

So… After many conversations about driving on the wrong side of the road, dodging kangaroos, the metric system, being on the opposite side of the world, Christmas in summer months, shrimps on the barbie, and many, many other things we decided that we most certainly would be up for the challenge. So with God and the Australian government willing (still waiting on the visa process) we will be heading to the land down under this fall!!! Krikey mate!!

– Collin